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Changing the way consumers interact with machines

We Set Out to Reinvent Signage, Kiosks, and Vending Machines

Our talented professionals have revolutionized vending machines by building a “brain” that not only has eyes of its own to see customers, but also a wireless connection to its owner and the cloud. We created a modular system that works with new or existing vending machines. No need to buy an entirely new specialized machine; we made our new solution to be enjoyed by all. You can apply our brain to your entire inventory of machines and connect them to your office systems, giving you a bird’s-eye view of your operation at a glance.

Our inventive upgrades have a variety of advantages in many areas. Take inventory for example. Traditional vending machines require regular visits by technicians or operating personnel to alter pricing, signage and restock the machine. With our smart vending solution, you can change signage and check inventories of your machines from the comfort of your office through remote access and telemetry. From there, you can dispatch personnel as needed. You’ll enjoy lower operating costs and your customers will enjoy machines that are never out of stock.

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We Didn’t Stop at Vending Machines

We knew that our innovations could have applications elsewhere so we made our technology modular. Our upgrades to vending machines can also be applied to stand-alone digital signage and kiosks. Advanced telemetry, remote access, customization, and many other features work together to engage customers and drive sales. Visit our product pages to learn more.