Meet the Team

Invenda Group AG is comprised of the most talented professionals in their fields, all committed to bringing vending machines and retail into the information age.

Meet the Team


Jon Brezinski

Founder & CEO

After university, Jon’s career began with a young start-up on the MIT campus in Kendall Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts which set him off on an international quest to build the perfect product. He traversed the globe professionally visiting 35+ countries while skiing every powdery slope encountered until finally permanently landing in Engelberg, Switzerland. He has held international roles in technical support, development, project management, program management, and product management working both as employee and consultant across multiple industries including telecom, oil and gas, banking, pharma, manufacturing, vending, and transportation. Along the way, he noticed a major lack of technological innovation in the vending industry and with his team of vending and software specialists, started Invenda to disrupt and revolutionize.


Ursina Beerli

Chief Operating Officer

After completing her studies at the University of Pennsylvania, Ursina joined management consulting firm Bain & Company in New York where she discovered her interest in perfecting the consumer experience through innovation and analytics. After earning her MBA from INSEAD, Ursina became a leader in Bain’s retail and private equity practices and worked with clients across the US and Europe, before diving into the world of vending at Selecta. There she led the development of new concepts and partnerships, oversaw category management and marketing, and initiated the sustainability agenda. Before starting the work day, she can usually be found training for her next marathon.


Grégoire Bonnet

Chief Financial Officer

After completing his studies in Paris, Grégoire has started as a project controller on the construction site of the Budapest wastewater plant, and continued his finance career in the renewable energy divisions of Alstom and General Electric. He discovered the vending world at Selecta, where he headed the controlling function while working on the integration of acquired businesses. Passionate about innovation, he has joined Invenda to be at the forefront of the automated retail industry transformation. A team player, he plays football and loves to take people for a beautiful hike around lake Lucerne.


Srdjan Poznic

Product Development Director

Srdjan is a passionate craftsman with over ten years’ experience in software development. He started his professional career in parallel with his studies while working at a local consulting company in Serbia, but Srdjan’s passion for programming began at the age of seven when he wrote his first program. During his career, Srdjan has worked around the globe on projects in varying industries, including automotive, telecom, education, e-commerce, logistics, pharma, vending and transportation. Srdjan continuously advocates for further education and can often be found lecturing at conferences or meet-ups.


Milena Lazarevic

Head of Testing

Milena is hardworking and uncompromising when it comes to software quality. After completing a Master’s degree in Mathematics at the University of Belgrade in 2012, she started testing various vending and transportation software products for international clients at a Novi Sad-based consulting company which eventually led to an extended assignment in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Searching for new challenges and excitement, she joined some of her former vending colleagues at Invenda with the shared vision to change and revolutionize vending.

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort.” John Ruskin


Oleg Epelbaum

Senior Architect

Oleg Epelbaum is a senior software engineer/software architect with 18 years of experience designing and developing point-of-sales and cloud-based solutions. He has extensive experience within the fare collection and vending industries having designed and implemented numerous front and back-end ticket/fare vending applications. Oleg’s specialties include the integration of vending peripheral devices with host systems using custom messaging and protocols. He specializes in the integration of front-end vending terminals with back-end management systems.


Milan Stojanovic

Software Engineer

Upon receiving his bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, Milan started his career as a software engineer specializing in Cloud technologies. He is passionate about programming and the agile approach, he keeps the team focused and ensures concepts are fully leveraged throughout the Invenda development process. Milan is a tech enthusiast; always in pursuit of the latest and greatest in software engineering and methodology.


Petar Jerinic

Software Engineer

Petar is a software engineer specializing in embedded and cloud enterprise solutions. His knowledge and experience have been paramount to Invenda’s groundbreaking solution. He is extremely passionate about clean code and software architecture aiming to solve issues efficiently while policing the team to ensure compliance with Invenda’s best practice standards. He loves a challenge and regularly finds himself out of his comfort zone pursuing ingenuity and innovation. He has dedicated himself to ensuring Invenda’s product is, and will always be, the best in the market.


Branislav Tejic

Hardware Engineer

Branislav has earned a Master’s degree in mechatronics, robotics and automation, and is currently completing his PhD studies as Chair of Mechatronics, Robotics and Automation at his alma mater, the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad. Professionally, he has worked with the design of embedded and IoT devices (hardware and software) and both industrial and non-industrial automation. He holds 2 patents with more than 10 technical solutions. His studies and experience are a perfect match for Invenda and our mission to disrupt the vending machine industry. He has earned the title of Hardware Guru by smiling and laughing when listening to each of Jon’s seemingly crazy ideas while instantly turning them into real products.


Jonte Brzezinski

Project Manager

After completing his university studies in London, Jonte went on to work as a strategy consultant in Dubai. From there, he moved on to strategic communications in Afghanistan and Jordan managing complex programs in a range of environments, from conflict zones to emerging markets for governments, international organizations and the private sector. Jonte has acquired experience in behavioral change, media production, telecoms, marketing, F&B, MICE, tourism, real estate, and the humanitarian sector. When he is not pounding away on his laptop, he spreads his time skiing and travelling the world.


Nenad Tomov

Software Engineer

Following an unconventional path, Nenad is a “self-taught” indefatigable software engineer. Coming from traditional engineering management, he brings with him a broad view of systems and organizational processes. He discovered his passion for programming during his studies and learned programming for fun. He soon found himself working as a back-end software engineer at a local IT company working with enterprise information and database systems. He remains passionate about self-development and is constantly acquiring new skills and learning new technologies.


Dejan Nikolic

QA Engineer

For Dejan, quality is never a consequence but the primary mindset and expectation of software testing. Consulting for four years, Dejan developed and implemented testing strategies for global government and institutional transportation vending and mobile ticketing solutions. Looking for adventure, Dejan joined the Invenda team bringing with a fresh perspective and the goal of revolutionizing the vending and retail industries.


Jasna Prcic

Office Assistant

With a Masters in Industrial Management, Jasna has held various roles in sales and administration within the Serbian IT industry. At Invenda’s Novi Sad offices, her ever-smiling face greets employees and guests alike. She successfully keeps all the wheels turning, motivates the team, and lightens the mood. She has joined Invenda at a critical juncture seeking new challenges and adventure.

Add: Logistics and customs duties


Marko Savic

Software Engineer

Marko is a software engineer with an MSc in Computer Science. After 5 years of developing enterprise software solutions within the electricity and gas management industry, he decided to seek out new challenges and venture into the unknown together with his Invenda teammates. He remains dedicated to teamwork and agile core values while passionate about software craftsmanship.


Charlotte Ljungquist

Managing Director Europe

During her university studies, Charlotte’s passion for exploring took her across the globe. After completing a few laps, she landed in Switzerland for 15 years where the powdery ski slopes are plenty. She eventually returned home to Sweden to start a new chapter in life. She has worked internationally throughout her career, holding a range of roles in the fields of marketing, logistics, procurement, business development, IT, and sales, always driven to keep learning and growing. Charlotte joined the Invenda fuelled by a desire to make the retail industry a smarter space.


Branislav Cerveny

Hardware Engineer

After finishing his studies of Mechatronics, Robotics, and Automation Engineering at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad, Branislav chose to pursue a career in the field of hardware engineering. As a member of the Invenda team, he is constantly searching for and working on new technical solutions in electricity, software and new hardware devices. His playful spirit and a great sense of humor are highly appreciated in those challenging moments of development and progress. In his free time, his energy is spent exploring nature, making wonderful barbeques, and traveling, discovering new places.


Djordje Trifunovic

Hardware Technician

With a passion for machines and technical devices, Djordje is working at Invenda while simultaneously completing his studies at the Faculty of Technical Science in Novi Sad. Djordje is working in the Hardware Technical Support team, where he is constantly learning and evolving throughout the process of repairing and integrating new devices. His steadiness in everyday work comes from yoga which he likes to train on a daily basis.


Miljana Milanković

Office and Communications Administrator

Curious by nature, after finishing her Master's degree in the Serbian language at the Faculty of Philosophy, Miljana started her career working in Public Relations in several organizations, eventually leading her to the IT industry, where she worked on natural language processing for translation software. One of her peculiarities is accuracy and time effectiveness while approaching different tasks, making Miljana a great match for Invenda in her role as an Office and Communications Administrator. She finds her work at Invenda not only an exciting challenge but a constant process of improvement and learning.


Mladen Arbutina

Software Engineer

Mladen’s journey started as an intern at the IT center of a large company where he had the opportunity of learning directly from experts in their field. Soon his professional journey brought him to Novi Sad, where he began a freelance career collaborating with a large number of companies to create a comprehensive accounting software solution. During that period, he continued his self-taught learning, exploring new innovative solutions in all processes of software development. With a desire for good teamwork and hungry for new technology, he came to Invenda where he continues to work on his personal development while dedicating his knowledge and experience creating stable and innovative Invenda products.


Natasa Crepulja

Office Administrator

Passionate about numbers, economics, and analytics, after finishing studies at the Faculty of Economics in Novi Sad, Natasa worked in the banking sector keen to establish herself in her field of study. She is meticulous, patient and always eager to find, analyze and predict necessary functions of the system and accounting process. When it comes to her work at Invenda, she handles payments, manages facilities, and ensures the accounting is handled properly.


Nikola Tejic

Hardware Technician

As a member of the hardware team, Nikola's work at Invenda is focused mainly on electronics and the assembly of hardware devices. He graduated from the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad, majoring in Quality and Logistics. In his free time, he enjoys good food, cycling, and taking part in sports events in Novi Sad.


Nikolina Vujasinovic

Software Engineer

Nikolina is a trained economist, but after a few years of working in the field, her career took an unexpected turn in her quest of finding a career path that would resonate more with her character and personal sense of fulfillment. That career path was in programming and fast forward a few years and a lot of hard work, courses, and internships, she is now happily working as a software engineer at Invenda. She continues to grow every day, surrounded by awesome and experienced team members around her. Resourceful and flexible, able to adapt easily, she maintains a positive attitude and strong work ethic.


Goran Todorovic

Software Engineer

Goran is a software developer who had already fallen in love with programming in elementary school. He started freelancing as a software developer in high school, continuing through his university years. Currently, Goran is focusing on and committed to .NET technologies, although he enjoys learning about other technologies as well. At Invenda he is working on software development, hardware integration, and new innovative approaches in the evolution of the software architecture.


Tatjana Dzigurski

Software Engineer

After earning a Master's degree in Telecommunication Engineering from the University of Novi Sad, Tatjana worked on developing system solutions for the payments processing industry. After five years honing her skills, she is well structured in her work and highly focused in all software development phases, ranging from analysis and planning to implementation through to testing. Joining the Invenda team is an exciting opportunity for her to leverage her expertise, growing herself professionally, and contributing to the continuous improvement of Invenda products.


Mirko Romakov

DevOps Engineer

Mirko has always been driven by a passion for computers, including the hardware and the software aspects. This drive motivated him to study in the Department of Microelectronics at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad, eventually leading to a professional career as a System administrator in a professional software outsourcing company. After 3 years of Sysadmin experience, he was keen to develop his skills further, and decided to expand his area of expertise by starting as a DevOps engineer at Invenda, a role he fulfils with much excitement. Mirko is results-driven, committed to the job, and always willing to give his best to solve whatever problems come his way.


Kristian Kadvanj

DevOps Engineer

Kristian is a DevOps engineer specializing in Cloud, Automation and process improvements. During his Electrical Engineering studies, he developed a passion for efficient processes, a passion that guides him as he transitions into his professional career. He is proud to be a part of a dedicated and passionate team of likeminded individuals and focusing on raising the standard of Invenda products to new industry heights.


Kylie Mey Wyss

Growth Manager

Kylie has held various roles in the financial services industry, including Project Management, Investment Banking, Venture Capital and Investment Consulting, which allowed her to develop a diverse set of technical and soft skills. Thanks to a Chinese mother and stints in cities around the world, she has also developed a keen sense of appreciation for different cultures, beliefs and mindsets. She is enthusiastic about working for Invenda, where she can tackle opportunities across the board and help set up the company for its launch into the next exciting phase of growth.


Jelena Novakovic

Data Scientist

Jelena has a keen interest in algorithms and the applications of maths in real-world industrial problems, which is why she opted to study Applied Mathematics and Data Science. During her master studies in Data Science, it became certain to her that this was the field she wanted to pursue her career in. After holding the role of data researcher at the Faculty of Sciences in Novi Sad and at a local IT company, she joins the Invenda team in the hope that she can successfully contribute to the further development of Invenda’s products and that her aptitude, her analytical skills, as well as her passion for data will support Invenda on its path into the future of retail.


Goran Rapaic

QA Engineer

You could say that Goran found his passion for testing completely by chance. Stumbling his way into his first job as a software tester, he quickly realized that it was more than a job for him, it was his calling. From humble beginnings, testing simple audio and video devices, he soon progressed to testing complex autonomous driving systems. Constantly looking to improve his skills, knowledge and meet new and talented people, he became a member of the Invenda testing team. There he was given an opportunity to be part of a team that constantly pushes the boundaries of smart vending solutions and actively shapes the world of vending machines and IoT solutions. Detail-oriented and methodical, Goran leaves no stone unturned in his quest to uncover bugs and potential problems, thus contributing to the creation of an ever-better product.


Predrag Latinovic

QA Engineer

When Predrag was young his dream job was to become a tester in the gaming industry. After completing courses in programming at the university, however, his aspirations changed to becoming a programmer. After his first job in a testing environment, where it was love at the first bug, Predrag managed to strike a balance between his two passions, programming and testing, in Automation Testing. Today, his interests further include AI and robotics, which can elevate testing to new levels and thereby significantly support the Invenda team in the development of its product. For him, the world of Invenda, which combines both Hardware and Software, is an amazing place to explore and evolve in the field of automation.


Vladimir Cavic

Software Engineer

Vladimir's engineer journey followed an unconventional path. After finishing an Orthodox Theological seminary, his passion for numbers, algorithms, and computer science took him to a slightly different direction. He became a self-taught programmer with a desire to learn, engage, and discover the world of engineering. After several years of working in various roles, he completed an IT retraining and started to fully live out his passion for software and engineering at Invenda. His calm nature, while approaching different software challenges, as well as his desire to develop and improve every single day brings great energy to the team.


Vladan Barajevac

Software Engineer

Vladan's love for programming started while he was in high school and the years that followed only proved it was the passion worth pursuing. After graduating from the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad, he decided to look for an internship program that will match his desire to learn, develop, and go beyond the conventional engineering limits. This brought him to Invenda, where he started his professional journey as a software engineer. For Vladan, each problem in software is yet another challenge that calls for creativity and improvement. As a member of the Maintenance and Support team, he works on continuous performance of Invenda’s software systems.


Slobodan Topalov

Hardware Engineer

Slobodan is a born technician. From the early days, he got interested in machine parts, assemblies, mechanisms, cutting, and milling. Back in high school, he started working in a machine workshop where he first realized that hardware was his true life passion. During his studies, he was also working, which allowed him to fully experience the world of hardware engineering. After finishing his studies, his career took off. He started working for a prominent manufacturer in Serbia, where he stayed for 5 years. His exploring nature, genuine positivity, and love for engineering bring him to Invenda, where he continues to nurture his love for hardware. He is a proud husband and father and in his free time enjoys to travel and motorcycle.


Sanela Suceska

Office Assistant

Joining our manufacturing center in Rumenka, Sanela takes on responsibilities concerning all things office and administration and is largely responsible for making sure things run smoothly. Although she holds a bachelor’s in business, her work experience in sales, logistics, and administration demonstrate her versatility, adaptability, and desire for constant improvement. Outside her work, photography is the passion that takes her on amazing journeys, engages her curious nature and allows her to capture many beautiful moments.


Robert Nol

Software Engineer

A passionate man, Robert has already had more than one life. In high school, he was intrigued by programming and problem solving, but life took him in another direction. After years of amateur kickboxing and police officer work, all that adrenaline started taking its toll and Robert returned to something calmer - his high school sweetheart programming. He completed a Microsoft development course and began working as a freelancer. After a few different gigs, he finally found his place at Invenda, ready to contribute, to learn, and to improve every single day. In his free time, he enjoys playing acoustic guitar in great company and having a glass of good white wine.


Dusan Ruzicic

Software Engineer

Dusan is a software engineer with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Throughout his career, he worked in many different areas of software. In the last few years, he has been focusing on cloud and data streaming solutions. At Invenda, he enjoys facing challenges and solving unconventional problems while working with cloud-based solutions. However, he also looks for challenges outside of work and enjoys playing sports and travelling to unknown destinations and exploring the beauties of this world.


Darko Skaljak

Software Engineer

Coming from a Business IT school, with a passion for computer technology and, above all, software, Darko spent two years doing technical support, but was not as close to programming as he would have liked to be. That desire to progress and develop in a world of software engineering led him to start a freelancing career as a software developer. This provided new challenges and soon reignited his passion for computer software, which he can now pursue at Invenda, where he is part of the maintenance and support team.


Stefan Rodic

Hardware Technician

After graduating from The School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Applied Studies in Belgrade, it was a logical step for Stefan to start his career in the IT industry. As an electronics and programming enthusiast, he managed to combine these two passions at Invenda. A member of the hardware team, he particularly enjoys the never-ending process of learning and development, while engaging with the newest technologies. As a big nature lover, he spends his free time in the wild, away from the crowds, exploring nature's beauties.


Petar Vidakovic

Production Manager

Petar is a graduated economist with more than ten years of experience in various roles in engineering, logistics, finance, and production at a leading civil engineering company. Eager by his nature to explore the unknown, he seeks knowledge and progress in all its broad forms, which is what took him to Invenda. Here, he faces new challenges in the field of software development and hardware engineering, which really drives his professional development. A highly sociable person, Petar likes to spend his free time with friends and family.


Miroslav Biki

Hardware Engineer

Miroslav holds a master's in Measurement and Control Engineering. During his professional career, he has held different roles in thermal engineering, telecommunication engineering and electric power management. In the last couple of years, he worked in development teams that developed some of the most famous products, such as indoor sport ergometers and portable lidar speed measurement equipment. His two life passions are technics and art. In his leisure time, he enjoys designing and creating little things for his living space.


Adrian Niederberger

Customer Success Manager

After completing his studies at the University of St. Gallen (HSG), Adrian joined 3M, where he built the sales and marketing organization in Eastern Europe for the Health Care, Safety & Graphics divisions. As the country business leader, he was responsible for the development and performance of the local teams, key accounts, and distribution partners. Adrian was leading Six Sigma and Business transformation projects in his area. Having been exposed to industrial vending machines, he recognized the potential of Invenda´s automated retail solution. Adrian is a family man to the core, a passionate football fan, who enjoys the time in and around the Lake Lucerne.


Stasa Petrovic

Office Assistant

After completing her Travel & Tourism studies in Hawaii, Stasa emerged on an exciting career path and built up an event planner career in Dubai. Her explorer spirit allowed her to experience and learn about different cultures and see the world. She eventually returned to the nest, as family values outgrew the desire for a 'nomadic' lifestyle. Stasa joined Invenda as an Office Assistant and is eager to learn more about the industry and happy to contribute with her experience, organizational skills, and enthusiasm for traveling. She is also very creative, adaptable, and has a keen eye for details.


Nebojsa Babic

Technical Support Engineer

Nebojša started in the power distribution industry but spent the latter half of his career focusing on IT, technical and customer support. His curious nature led him to branch out his interests in various directions, so over the years, he has accumulated a considerable amount of skills and knowledge in several technical as well as non-technical fields. This “Jack of all trades” quality allows him to see and approach problems from different angles, thus expediting the solution. When he is not working, you can usually find him reading or writing fiction or playing his guitar.


Stefan Mitrovic

Hardware Engineer

Stefan expressed his penchant for hardware from an early age by repairing his toys, household appliances, and, soon after, cars. He enrolled in the Department of Systems Management since he wasn't sure if he was leaning towards mechanical engineering, electronics, or programming. Stefan graduated from the Faculty of Electronics in Nis. After more than six years of engineering experience in the automotive and medical industries and several different engineering positions, he has found himself in Research and Development. Stefan believes that professional satisfaction is a vital link for life satisfaction which led him to join Invenda. He likes to spend his free time in nature with family and friends, and he relaxes by playing guitar and playing games.