Digital Signage

Static signage is thousands of years old. It’s time to upgrade.

Make Your Signage as Dynamic as the Markets It Caters to

Putting up signage involves doing research on the customers who might see it, but those demographics change with time of day, current trends, and even the weather. Invenda’s digital signage can adapt to these variables automatically in real time or from your remote input thanks to our enhanced connectivity solutions. Not only that, but your signs will play dynamic videos and employ facial recognition capabilities to attract more customers. Our smart signs will determine the age and gender of any onlooker and display targeted advertising to entice sales even further.

Our digital signage works great on its own or in conjunction with our advanced vending machine technology; the two are fully integrable. You’ll be able to display eye-catching product images and videos instead of relying on a simple glass window to show customers what’s available. Once you see compelling and colorful video of your products, you’ll never go back to chalk signs or primitive printed materials. Best of all, you can alter what your signs display, change prices, offer promotions, and more with the click of a button from anywhere in the world.

With Our Smart Digital Signage, You’ll Be Able to:

  • Influence your patrons’ decision making by promoting your daily specials
  • Change your pricing and menu offerings remotely, easily, and quickly
  • Adapt your menu offerings automatically at different times of the day
  • Easily test your promotions and price points
  • Use eye-catching and mouth-watering video to make your products totally irresistible
  • Integrate with interactive kiosks