Put your customers in charge

Our Kiosks Do Things Other Retailers Only Dream Of

Self-checkout and other automated cashier systems are the wave of the future. Automation is becoming cheaper and more feature-rich. Nowhere are these advancements better represented than with Invenda’s kiosk technology. We have created kiosks that deliver a pleasant shopping experience enticing your customers to return.

Much like our vending machines, our kiosks are outfitted with brains that provide telematics and remote access to the owner. On the user end, attractive and easy-to-navigate menus make for quick and pleasant transactions. Additionally, during these transactions, you can promote other products and promotional offers to drive even more sales. The possibilities for customization and data-driven improvements are endless.

With Invenda Kiosks, You Get:

  • Accelerated order procedures through easy, attractive menus
  • Detailed product information displays to encourage purchases
  • Increased sales per customer by cross-selling and up-selling
  • Allow your personnel to focus value added services
  • Customized and targeted product placement