Buying something from a machine has gone relatively unchanged for decades, but we’ve found a better way.

Invenda Allows You to Be Much More Proactive about Increasing Sales from Your Vending Machines

You look at the vending machine: It’s a plain box with a simple glass window. Inside you can see that several of the products are sold out and only a few items remain, which suggests probably nothing good is left. You want a couple things, but the process of dumping coins in one at a time and waiting for the machine to spit out your items one by one will take too long; if you wanted to wait, you would have gone to a store. This negative experience won’t do much for sales and the owner of the machine probably isn’t happy about it, but what can they do? Upgrade your machines new and old with our solution, that’s what. Our solution for vending machines address all of these drawbacks and more.

Now imagine you are walking by a vending machine and its intelligent digital display lights up as it senses your presence. It knows today is hot and that there is a large number of pedestrians at this time of day, so its display switches to a picture of a thirst-quenching beverage inside. It sees your face and based on your age and gender it shows the items you are most likely to buy, encouraging your purchase. The display screen only shows products that are in stock so the machine always appears full. You tap the touch screen browsing through the items, and decide you want a couple different things; no problem. Add multiple items to your cart, then choose a payment method.

Our solution do all of this and so much more.

With Our Advanced Vending Machine System You Can Enjoy:

  • Telemetry that give you information on the status of your machines, accessible from anywhere
  • An end-to-end view of your entire operations via the cloud
  • Remote control over your vending machines, including internal temperature
  • Machine health reports and updates
  • Modular installation on existing machines
  • Touchscreen controls that double as customizable, dynamic signage
  • Data collection tools, like facial recognition
  • Advertising revenue from digital signage

Watch This Quick Demonstration to See How It Works